Cold Chain Data Logger Details

Cold chain data loggers are designed to monitor and record temperature and humidity changes during the transport of refrigerated sensitive goods. They are cost effective, easy to use and are available in a range of sizes and feature sets to suit any application.

The range of models includes single use disposable types – a low cost option ideal for packing in with goods to give the recipient a record of the conditions during transit. Other types include 3-time use loggers which are ideal when goods are shipped to more than one place in succession – data can be read over USB at each stop. Multi-use types are available for those wanting to log data using the same device on a continuing basis, offering a low cost alternative to other more elaborate data logging equipment.

All types connect via USB to a PC or Mac, offering various file formats including a PDF report of the temperature & humidity conditions over the logging period.


  • Single-use, 3 time and multi-use types available
  • Fully self contained
  • Settable high and low alarms
  • Start / Stop by button on logger
  • Status LEDs show when logging is active
  • Electronic user manual built-in (PDF)
  • Smaller sizes have integrated USB plug (no cable required)
  • IP67 rating for single use or IP65 for multi-use
  • All types generate standard PDF format reports

ModelUsageBatteryForm FactorSpecific Features
Replaceable 3V lithium button
USB pluggableDetailed LCD readout
STCDL2SINGLE USE2 years - fixedUSB pluggableLow cost - disposable
STCDL3MULTI-USE2.5 years - fixedUSB pluggable
STCDL4MULTI-USE2.5 years - replaceableUSB pluggable
STCDL53 TIMES REUSABLE30 days - fixedUSB pluggableIdeal for staged shipping
STCDL6MULTI-USE3 years - replaceableUSB pluggable
STCDL7MULTI-USE48 hours - rechargeableWall mountable or portableCan send alarm warnings via text message (requires sim card)
STCDL8MULTI-USE1 year - replaceableWall mountable or portableInternal or external sensor option
STCDL9MULTI-USE1 year - replaceableWall mountable or portableAvailable with internal or single / dual external probe(s)