Termination Heads Details

Many Heads Alternatives for Probes

Servotech has available large stainless steel, aluminium, bakelite, nylon and polypropylene heads. These can also be sold as single units and are held in stock. Please see the table below for more information and our model/part numbers.

codemodeldescriptionIP RatingCable EntryProcess entry
1HKSCSmall AluminiumIP65M16 x 1.51/4″BSP / 1/2″BSP
2HKBSSmall Glass Reinforced BakeliteIP65M16 x 1.5K1/4″BSP
3HKSSSmall Stainless Steel 316IP67M16 x 1.51/4″BSP
4HKDSmall AluminiumIP67M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
5HKBLarge Glass Reinforced BakeliteIP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
6HKNCLarge AluminiumIP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP / 3/4″BSP
7HKNNLarge NylonIP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
8HKNPPLarge PolypropeleneIP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
9HKLSSLarge Stainless Steel 316IP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
10HKLSEGHighly Polished Stainless Steel 316IP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
11HKFWall Mounted AluminiumIP65M20 x 1.51/2″BSP
12HKNC2ENCast Aluminium Dual Cable EntryIP652 x M20 x 1.51/2″BSP