PM4 Panel Mount Monitors

Servotech is an agent for AIC Australia. Amalgamated Instrument Co Pty Ltd is a specialist designer and manufacturer of process measurement instrumentation and sensors. AIC has special expertise in instrumentation for weighing, pressure and batching, pH, conductivity and rate/total applications. AIC’s panel mount range has an instrument for most applications.


AIC design and manufacture many different types of panel mount instruments for industry. These panel mounts are both rugged and high quality. Please contact us if you would like more specific details on AICs product range.

  • Accepts 4-arm load cells/strain bridges (4-wire or 6-wire)
  • High Speed selectable 5 to 100 samples per second
  • High precision up to 22 bits resolution
  • Accuracy to 0.005% (of full scale)
  • Pushbutton calibration and setup
  • Wide range of display options available
  • 240V, 110V, 32V, 24VAC, 12 to 48VDC or 50 to 110VDC operation (factory configured)
  • Remote input for special functions included