TEC Gas Filled Dial Thermometer

Gas filled dial thermometer comes in both surface and panel mounted and overcomes most limitations of other members in the family.  It is offered in a wide temperature range of -200° to 800° C. Practically any stem length can be offered and capillary length without any loss of accuracy. Inert, non hazardous, non toxic nature of the filled system makes it virtually an ideal choice for the industry.

Surface Mounted

  • Quality all stainless steel thermometers.
  • Available in surface or panel mounting models.
  • 100mm or 160mm – dial size.
  • 304 stainless steel case and capillary.
ModelRangeDial Size
TGTEC43120SM-20°C to 120°C4"
TGTEC63120SM-20°C to 120°C6"
TGTEC43250SM0°C to 250°C4"
TGTEC63250SM0°C to 250°C6"
TGTEC43600SM0°C to 600°C4"
TGTEC63600SM0°C to 600°C6"

Panel Mounted

  • Quality all stainless steel construction IP65 case.
  • White dial face with large easy to read graduations.
  • 100 mm or 160 mm Dial.
  • 4″ Dial 6″ Dial Optional.
  • 12mm dia x 100mm Bulb with 3 meters s/steel capillary.
  • Temperature Ranges – 20 to 120 Deg C, 0 to 250 Deg C, 0 to 600 Deg C.
  • Linear Scale / Argon Gas, Specify temperature range and dial size with order.
ModelRangeDial Size
TGTEC43120PM-20°C to 120°C4"
TGTEC43250PM0°C to 250°C4"
TGTEC43250SM0°C to 250°C4"
TGTEC43600PM0°C to 250°C6"