Hazardous area temperature probes are specialised sensors designed for use in potentially explosive or hazardous environments; where the risk of ignition is high if non-intrinsically safe electrical equipment is used.

The main purpose of hazardous area temperature probes is to accurately measure temperature in such environments without introducing a potential ignition source.

IEC Ex Certification
IEC 60079.1:2001 Ex d Part 1 Flameproof Enclosures “d”
IEC 60079.7:2001 Ex e Part 7 Increased Safety “e”
IEC 61241 – 1:2004 Electrical Apparatus for use in the Presence of Combustible Dust.

Ex Rated Temperature Probes

Ex ia Probe with Head

Ex ia Probe with Stem and Lead

Inor C202 X In-head Transmitter

Inor C330 X In-head Transmitter

Inor C520 X HART In-head Transmitter

Inor C530 X HART In-head Transmitter

Inor R330 X Rail Mount Transmitter

Inor R520 X Rail Mount Transmitter

Steel Wire Armour Thermocouple Cable