R27T Sanitary Probe Triclover Details

Servotech’s triclover sanitary probes are constructed from 316 SS, manufactured with industry-standard 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″ and 3″ tri-clover fittings.


  • Sensor: RTD, PT100, DIN 43760 (PT1000, PT200, PT500, etc. available).
  • Accuracy: Standard Class AA: ±0.05% of R0 (Higher accuracy available).
  • Stability: Element R0 will not change by more than ±0.04% after ten consecutive shocks from -200° to +600°C.
  • Self-Heating Effect: When tested in a well-stirred ice bath, the rise in temperature will not exceed 0.3°C with 10 mW element dissipation.
  • Vibration: Element can withstand a vibration level of 30g over the frequency range of 10Hz to 1Khz.
  • Standard Range: -10° to +260°C (-199° to +600°C available).