R28R M12 RJT Probe Details


Servotech type R28 sanitary probes were developed to meet the stringent requirements of the New Zealand dairy industry. These sanitary probes are manufactured with industry standard 3/4″ running nut, Tri-clover or RJT style process connections, and can be supplied as fast response probes. The R28 range is a new advancement of our R27 range which gives many advantages. The new industry standard M12 connector is used for easy installation & replacement.


  • SENSOR:  RTD, PT100, DIN 43760 (PT1000, PT200, PT500, etc. available).
  • CONNECTION: New industry standard M12 connection.
  • ACCURACY:  Standard Class A: ±0.05% of R0 (Higher accuracy available).
  • RESPONSE TIME:  Less than 2 seconds (FR version)to register a change from 65° to 72°C (response speed certification supplied with each fast response probe).
  • STABILITY:  Element R0 will not change by more than ±0.04% after ten consecutive shocks from -200° to +600°C.
  • SELF HEATING EFFECT:  When tested in a well-stirred ice bath, the rise in temperature will not exceed 0.3°C with 10 mW element dissipation.
  • VIBRATION:  Element can withstand a vibration level of 30g over the frequency range of 10Hz to 1Khz.
  • STANDARD RANGE:  -10° to +260°C (-199° to +600°C available).