Surface Temperature Probe Details

If you are looking to measure surface temperature but have found infrared solutions to be unsuitable for any reason, look no further than our handheld contact type surface temperature probes. With large acetal handle and 150mm long stem, this probe feels solid in the hand and allows the sensing tip to reach difficult to access surfaces or machine parts.

The sensing tip contains a spring-loaded thermocouple ribbon junction which features a large surface area and low mass for quickly and accurately measuring surface temperature.

Ease of use makes this probe ideal for temperature measurement around the home, for educational projects

Click here to see our range of handheld thermometers. This probe will work with all types supporting a type K thermocouple input.


  • Fast response time
  • Easy to use
  • Large non-slip handle
  • Extended length to access tight areas
  • Coiled cable extends to 1 metre
  • Works with any type of K thermometer
  • Low cost means you can keep a spare in the toolbox