Temperature By Design

Servotech’s main business is based around the design of temperature-related instrumentation in most industries. We specialise in custom making our probes in-house and are the largest manufacturer of temperature sensors (mainly RTD’s & Thermocouples) in New Zealand.

Servotech’s staff have vast knowledge about all types of temperature sensors and we will work through all jobs with you making sure you end up having the best product for your needs.

Retail Sales

Servotech also has the agency or are a reseller for many different companies involved in temperature instrumentation. We will help you find and supply instrumentation from all over the world in a manner as quick and efficient as possible.

Please see the Agencies page for a list of our trusted companies, or see our products page for more exact details.

Calibration Services

Servotech has a small in-house calibration unit. We provide calibration certificates for our fast response probes as well and calibrations of certain instrumentation. Our calibration is IAW ISO 9001 standards and is priced at a very competitive rate.