About Us


Servotech Instrumentation Ltd was founded in 1970 for the purpose of manufacturing temperature probes (thermocouples and RTDs) for industry in New Zealand.

Servotech Instrumentation Ltd operates in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001 which is audited annually by Bureau Veritas.

Servotech has grown to become the largest and most successful New Zealand based company specialising in temperature measuring equipment.

  • Servotech designs and manufactures thermocouples, RTDs and thermowells.
  • Repairs and calibration are done in-house.
  • Servotech distributes industrial temperature and process sensors, indicators, data loggers, controllers and related equipment.

Our factory is staffed by highly skilled personnel capable of producing one off specialised temperature probes from design to delivery in one day if necessary (for emergencies), or larger production runs of high quality temperature probes. Servotech follow strict QA procedures so that customers can rely on products with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Among Servotech customers are some of the most important companies in New Zealand e.g. Fonterra Ltd, Fisher and Paykel Ltd and New Zealand Steel Ltd to name a few. Customers respect our sales representatives for their knowledge, integrity and team approach to solving problems.

Servotech represents the following companies:

  • Shinko Technos Co., Ltd of Japan: manufacturer of temperature measuring controls.
  • Amalgamated Instrument Company of Australia: manufacturer of instruments, digital displays and sensors for industries and laboratories.
  • Calex Electronics Ltd of UK: manufacturer of non contact temperature sensors, both fixed-mount and handheld.
  • CHY of Taiwan: suppliers of a wide range of handheld digital meters.
  • Exergen of USA: manufacturer of infrared sensing equipment.
  • Fastron Technologies Pty Ltd of Australia: manufacturer and supplier of SCR controllers, solid state contactors, solid state relays and TRENT semiconductor fuses.