Mini Strip Panels Details

Mini Strip Panels

Servotech offers the Marlin range of mini strip panels. Mini Strip panels are moulded panels designed to mount No. 1210 miniature Jacks. Connectors are installed from the rear and snap in place with spring clips. They are easily removed by releasing spring clip with a release key. No loose connector mounting hardware.

The strip comes in:

  • Type K ANSI colour code.
  • Type J ANSI colour code.
  • Type T ANSI colour code.
  • Type R/S ANSI colour code.

Standard temperature conditions of 205°C continuous or 260°C intermittent. Connector materials are specific to the thermocouple type.

mini strip panels

ModelNo. of circuitsNo. of rowsdim. l x H mm
MA1237441105 x 60
MA1237661135 x 60
MA1237881175 x 60