TecSystem 8 Channel Temperature Scanner Details

Temperature Controller

The NT538 series of temperature scanner / alarm units are designed specifically for temperature monitoring of electric motors and MV dry/cast resin transformers, and incorporate separate control outputs for 2 cooling fans. A high level of protection from electromagnetic interference along with its ease of use, have led to TecSystem products being widely regarded as the industry standard in motor and dry power transformer temperature monitoring.

NT538 8 channel temperature scanner / alarm and ventilation controller


  • Dual display and clean, easy to use panel layout
  • Universal power supply 24 to 240V AC or DC
  • 8 inputs for 3-wire Pt100 RTD temperature sensors
  • 2 x alarm trip relay outputs
  • 2 x threshold relay outputs for fan / ventilation control
  • 1 x alarm relay to indicate a sensor fault or operation error
  • NT538AD model features Modbus RTU RS485 & 4-20mA output
  • NT538ETH model features Ethernet connectivity
NT538 8 channel temperature monitor / alarm / fan
NT538AD with 4 – 20mA output & Modbus RS485
NT538ETH with Ethernet network connectivity